Friday, 29 July 2011

Another Missy!

So today when I logged on, I got told that there was an imposter Missy on the server and not long after I saw the so called person spamming trade for this guild that they had made. Was not happy :( I had been the only one on that server for nearly 4 years and now someone else has the practically same name apart from the i is spelt with 2 dots over. Made it even worse they was making themselves out to be a bit dumb so another strike for me. I've been whispered and asked if I was that person. DISLIKE!

On a better note, Virgin Media/BLizzard/Telia, whoever it was, has seemed to of finally fixed the problem that was making the game pretty much unplayable for the last 7 days near enough. I got my first taster of a rated battleground which we won and hopefully, fingers crossed, that the lag doesn't come back tomorrow night and I'll be able to finally see what the raids in cataclysm look like for myself and not from strategy videos I've watched on Youtube

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