Sunday, 17 July 2011

20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 3

Day 3- Your first day playing WoW
I remember seeing the Night Elf in the opening cinematic for the game and just thought "I want that!". So straight to the character page, then I had to decide between a rogue or druid, in the end I picked a rogue and called her Aurrora. I joined on the Steemweedle Cartel server to begin with as 2 of my RL friends, including the one who brought me the game, was playing on. This was also the first MMO I had ever played and to me everything was just pure magic. I loved how everything looked and I liked the idea of being basically a noob to be honest. The Teldressil quest, the runes of awakening (I think it was called) where you had to go into the den with all these furblongs, I remember it taking me forever to finish that quest as all I did was keep dying over and over. It was also the lunar festival when I joined, so being nosey I went around looking in Moonglade and what was happening there. I had one of my friends come see me to give me some bags and money (bless him) to help me out. He played a paladin at the time and was in the Karazhan gear and I just thought he looked awesome in it.

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