Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A bit of surveying mixed with a bit of trolls

I was in one of them moods in WoW where I didn't want to level much but I also didn't want to have not do anything so while deciding out of which alt to play, I decided to log my old main character, Missy, and went and did a bit of archaeology on her, to which I now got 375 skill and also started collecting the fossils so I can get me the raptor mount! Woop woop! One more reason to log on her now.
While I was going round doing this a guildy asked about a healer/dps for the troll heroics as he was doing a guild/friends run using the cross realm group so I said I'd come, by this point I had to be a "fail" dps as I had the spec for elemental but no gear really, and I had a laugh. It was nice, fun and relaxing. No one bitching about how slow things were, no one bitching about wiping, insulting everyone or ninja looting. Awesome, and they put up with my kinda lame DPS <3.

My main has got a hell of a load of achievement points too (it's around 1100) as I was quite the achievement whore back in cataclysm when I had nearly all the time in the world on her, so it was hard work partly. Even got loremaster before it got made a lot easier to complete. I'm hoping to be able to join one of the alts/social guild raids they do so I can see what the raids in cataclysm look like and to add a few sneaky points.

There are some really odd noises coming from my next door neighbours...

Right... anyway, I also did some PVP on my level 70 hunter so she has got the level 70 pvp sets to go into Northrend with. Not that she didn't have much as I have the BOA gear on her but, it looked pretty so I thought what the hell, and pvping on a character which isn't healing makes a nice change too.

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