Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The general introduction post

So hi! I'm Missy (this is the name I'll be using until, if ever, I have a new character to use as main), I did play a restoration shaman for a few years til I retired her recently and instead spend my time try out different classes and playing on my low level alts til I find one I really enjoy. So far I've been spreading my time between a mage, a hunter and a paladin. I haven't ever blogged before  so now to see if I can manage to continue this and to keep it going.
I've just gotten to Duskwood on these characters, yes I picked Alliance >.<, slap me on the wrist and so on. I prefer playing Horde but I seem to choose 1 of 2 races, the Blood Elves or the Undead, I can't seem to manage the other races. Orc is just a no no to me. I've tried playing a cow but I'm not so sure, it's like something about it I don't like so deleted that. Then we come to trolls... no actually I do like them, I managed to get a druid to lvl 15 before I stopped. I am determined to level that druid! Just so I can go around like a bat but still!
So yeah, my little characters have now arrived in Duskwood, and that has to be one of my favourite quest areas, even better that there's 2 flight paths cos the run back and forth was a pain in the ass. I enjoy the lore of World of Warcraft and the quests in this place I always enjoyed, no matter how many times I've done them. I'm dreading using the LFG system at the moment as the name Gnomeregan appeared and that place holds bad memories on ages of wiping and the long run it used to take to get there, so I'm avoiding it like the plague.
So back to levelling and for now ciao!

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