Thursday, 14 July 2011

80 heroics!

Today I decided was the turn of my blood elf rogue for a little bit of love with her levelling. I got her to ding 80 last night and thought that I hadn't seen a WOTLK dungeon in a while so tried my luck in queuing for them through the LFG option. I wasn't expecting to get any success really but after 10 minutes I got a group. We went through Utgarde Keep, The Oculus (the one we all dreaded), Draktharon Keep and Gun'drak heroics. I really wanted to get the ICC 5 man ones really but ah well. It was a bit a of nice change in scenery in a way after spending so long in the new heroics gearing myself in them. I'll be sad in a way when it comes to level 81 as I won't be able to queue for them any longer, but roll on the being that little closer to 85!
I also tried to get my boyfriend to have a try at playing WoW. He picked a hunter and kept thinking he had chosen a warrior for ages, but he lasted til level 6 of playing when he decided that was it and he didn't like it, so he can stick with his Fifa and Portal games and I'll stick to my game

On a different note... ZOMG! wasn't Torchwood good tonight?! I've heard mixed reviews about it from others but to me I thought it was pretty amazing. Only little thing is that it's a bit too Americanised but about from that I loved it!

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