Friday, 22 July 2011

God I hate Virgin Media

Well today the times that I have logged on to play, my MS has been at 2000 or more and its only been the world MS, my home one has been fine all day staying between 20-30 MS. Looking on the technical forums and there were a few other posts saying the same and everyone has in common that they were with Virgin Media. So once again they strike and would be the day I get to see a raid as I got invited to the social/alt run with my guild tonight.
Someone had written a fix but sadly for me it didn't work, it started to work good but after half an hour it just went up again, so I reset that back to normal again. It would be nice for these problems to stop as they appear often.

One good thing came out of it though, I was gonna go fishing but then I thought the timing would of been all screwy with the MS bouncing around and I tried playing on alts but the cast times was annoying me too much so I went round and finally finished collecting all the fossil fragments for [Fossilized Raptor]

Looks pretty :)

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