Sunday, 24 July 2011

High MS again... YAY! -.-

So once again I've had another day of unplayable game thanks to problems between Virgin Media, Telia or Blizzard. I don't know who is to blame as each party seems to blame each other for the problems. Whenever I log my main character or pretty much every one of my characters my MS shoots up to 2k or higher. The highest I had was when I was meant to be joining the alt/social raid and it hit 9k. I won't go on about this as I'm sure everyone has heard enough of the QQ that has been going round on forums. I've rung Virgin Media and didn't get much help from them and I've left messages on forums, so now to wait and just hope it gets sorted out. For now I'll carry on a new hunter I made on Darkmoon Faire as it seems to be the only one with less then 100 MS.

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