Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Trip into Firelands

So Friday night, I took a trip into Firelands with my guild in their alt/social run. We killed Beth'tilac, Shannox and Baleroc. I was lucky being the only shaman there too and I got [Gatekeeper's Embrace] and also [Thoracic Flame Kilt]. This was my first experience of a proper raid since Cataclysm got launched as I hadn't really had any time for it. I quite enjoyed the fights, I though the Beth'tilac was quite a fun fight. Though as well I had still a few heroic blue items from having really, really unlucky runs in both Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman runs where the items I wanted have either not dropped or when they have it's been need by an Enhancement Shaman for his Off spec -.-
Finally moved on to the next set of the Motlen Front dailies, I decided to recruit the Druids for the time being and after hanging around Sethria's Roost for ages I finally got the Have... Have We Met? after sat waiting around for Hemet Nesingwary to show his face. Also I got Gang War thanks to a friend who was around the area at the same time. I managed to get killed by the Hunter Challenge Spider that is in the Molten Front, Kirix

I must admit for a hunter's pet it's pretty awesome so I can't wait to get my hunter higher to attempt trying some of the challenges they have. She's only just got to 41 but for some reason the Worgen-ness about her that I thought was amazing to begin with is now really starting to annoy me... maybe I'll race change her to a Night Elf in the end (more likely that I will end up doing so) but I'll put up with it for now.

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