Thursday, 18 August 2011

I gave in!

That's right I gave in and I ended up making another alt a few days ago. This time it's a shadow/holy priest. She's just got to level 37 right now. Somehow I managed to pick up nearly no wool cloth to help with levelling tailoring and it costs 20g in the AH for a stack of 20, WTF people?! And of course I made this on the opposite faction side to Darkmoon Faire so I have no money to help -.-

I've just started the dungeon spamming now 10 minutes in the queue as a healer... bad times

Oh if anyone happens to go to Darkmoon Faire server EU and see a female blood elf (yes I do realise I put in my last post about an undead priest) called Míssi with the weird i say hi or give me a wave!

Had a group in Scarlet Monastery earlier on, 3 Tabards of the Scarlet Crusade drop and same guy wins them all... one lucky yet also selfish bastard as he wouldn't pass any of them around for rolls. I spent ages farming that on my main back in wrath for it never to drop for me and now 3, FML.

Now coming up to 15 minutes in queue as a healer. Seems tanks don't like to queue at low level. Inc more random rubbish then.

Went into Serpentshrine Caverns with a couple of guildies that were in there for collecting the tier and I have to say 1 it now sucks you can move with the Tainted Core, that ruined the whole spamming of the macro (which I still have!)

/use Tainted Core
/s %t, catch the tainted core!
/script SendChatMessage("!!! YOU HAVE THE CORE !!!", "WHISPER", "Common", UnitName("target"))

The best macro I ever had was one I used on the mages in our guild when we they were about to make cookies before the raid started

/inserts coin into %t and taps her foot, Where are my biscuits?!

20 minutes... Wakey wakey tanks!

Ok so I think I've rambled and bored you all enough and fingers cross a random will appear very shortly

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